Friday, March 11, 2011

Barf Bag doodle

Hey all, wanted to upload this image of a Virgin Airline's barf bag that I drew a sketch of my character Delgado from Backspace. You can almost use any type of paper product as a canvas for your doodles and ideas....heh.

Just found out today that my classes that I'm teaching for next term at Gnomon are SOLD OUT?! I'm thinking, "really?"
That's nuts. Here's a link,
One can still go on a waiting list. I am double checking to make sure this is true?
I had 18 students sign up for my class last term...but there's no way...
there is a 12 student limit on each class. I would add more...but it would make it really hard to do the one on one with each student each week if it was more than 12. To be honest doing 12 is really tough for me. I want to give each student equal attention, it's only fair. The second class was added this term on Sunday to ease the number of students that want to take the class.
Ok...time for me to go.

I'll catch you all later. Have a great weekend.



Brian Lue Sang said...

Haha - awesome!

Congrats on the class being so popular as well, Axel!

axel#13 said...

@Brian Lue Sang Thanks for digging Brian. Yeah, the class is popular. But I'm not teaching at Gnomon anymore. Time to move on.