Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back from Comic Con!

Hey all came back from San Diego yesterday in the afternoon. I do have to say it was a very good show...a lot of people in that Con floor that's for sure! I ended picking quite a bit of art books and sketch books and even got a sculpt as well. Had fun with my Lightbox crew and other great folks that I know in the animation and comic book industry. Instead of just uploading a few pics here to the blog here's a link you can use to direct you to the pics I took, Comic Con Pics

Also here's two sketches I included to this entry (that are are above this text)I did in my hotel room while waiting for two friends to come up down from Pasadena. The drawings are done straight on white and tone paper. Light blue and red pencils for the rough lay in and inked using a brushpen (from Japan) and pisgment pen size .005. I did the highlights using a white color pencil with Presto whiteout pen for that nice stong white. Let me know what you think? Hopefully every one is having a awesome summer.

Lastly, I wanted to update the URL info on the Lightbox blog, it's now, http://www.lightboxplanet.com/
Sorry if some of you got confused for a bit...it was done for a bit before Comic Con. The old URL still works blogger will redirect you. Well, I'll catch you all later. Draw draw draw!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sketch from my Hatillo Sketchbook

Here's the first page of my Hatillo sketchbook.

Also to let some of you know I'll be only at the Gnomon booth on Friday at 11am...my Saturday slot was cancelled. I'll catch you all later.

Well, I'm getting ready to head off to San Diego for Comic Con. I'm all packed and ready to go! Catch you all later.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lightbox Blog is up!!!

Hello all just wanted to let you know that the Lightbox blog is up!
Here's the link, http://lightboxplanet.blogspot.com/

Lightbox was started this past winter, it's a collective of illustrators, designers and writers dedicated to the art of story creation. We're using may forms of media form comic book to animation to creating special art books. I am really excited in what my studios mate are cooking up for the future. They're a talented group that's for sure! Eric, Jon, Jonard, Geoff and Jojo are awesome guys to be around. It helps me to be creative when I am around them. Well, I'll catch you later. Also I'll see some of you in San Diego as well!


Friday, July 10, 2009

Curry Man and etc. sketches

Hey all, here's two pages from my Curry Man & Soy Boy Sketchbook. These character sketches were done in pencil first then I used my gray tone (warm) COPiC and greeen/blue gray tone TOUCH markers. I ended up buying a set of cool gray markers at the COPiC booth at Anime Expo. They were selling all their markers and supplies at 30% off...which was cool. Catch you all later.

Yep, looking forward in going to Comic Con in two weeks! I'll jys be roaming around but that's cool. That will be a nice chance from being stuck behind a booth 24/7. Last year at the Image booth was cool...but I really didn't have anyone to spot me at times when I needed to go to the restroom and stuff. But I manage I have to thank Howard Shum who was sitted next to me to help me out. I do have to say that Ella and my buddy Tony and Geoff help sit in for awhile for me. It was cool to get dragged out of the booth for lunch by Ella and Tony as well.

I guess I twit where I'll be at and stuff. I'll keep it simple...maybe have folks meet me at the hotel that I am staying at during "happy hour"? We can drink and draw?

Also I will be at the Gnomon booth #5363 on Saturday at 3 till ? doing a few sketches there for the Sketch Theatre demo thingy. I'll will be taped while I do my doodle there. Feel free to stop by then? I'll catch you all later have a great weekend!


Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Twitter and Comic-Con

Alright, I broke down and signed up for Twitter. I guess Twitter will be helpful during Comic Con, which is coming up in two weeks. I'll be roaming around the floor all 4.5 days of the Con. If any folks want to meet me and see me do a doodle or two I'll be at the Gnomon booth on Saturday from 3 till who knows. I'll be there to do a taping of myself doing a drawing for Sketch Theatre. I'll also have a some samples of my work with me plus a mock up of sketchbook that I am putting together. Oh yes...I forgot my twit address it's http://twitter.com/pecks13 Hope to see some of you there in San Diego! Well, I am off to teach my class.


Thursday, July 02, 2009

Planet of the Apes Remixed

Here's a few sketches I did here as a demo for my students for the first day of class. I'm having them redesign characters for the movie Planet of the Ape. Done in pencil, ball point pen, pigment pen and gray markers.

I'll be heading off to Anime Expo over at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Here's the link to the expo's site http://www.anime-expo.org/ I got my camera ready to take a bunch of pictures! Catch you all later!