Friday, July 30, 2010

Little Batman cruising for some crime...with some color.

Here's the Little Batman piece colored for all to check out. Let me know if the colors work for you all?

Need to get read for the gallery later tonight.

Catch you all later.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Little Batman cruising for some crime...

Hey all,
Got back from San Diego Comic Con this past Monday...oh man do my feet hurt. But I'll recover. There were parts that were cool...and not so great....overall not a bad show. Meet up with a lot of folks at their booths and after parties. I took advantage of the Happy Hour over at the hotel that myself and my crew were staying at....walked a bit drunk on the floor on Preview nigh...which was wonderful.
Being there for all 4 days plus preview night all I got was a handful of artbooks...and a small of Rusty from Geoff Darrow...he's such a cool and talented artist. Nothing really stood out where I said to myself, "I need that!" So my wallet wasn't hurt one bit. I'll try to post some photos that I took of the show when I can. Right now it's been pretty busy for me work wise to do just that. Well, let's see.
I have been preparing for a group art show that I will be exhibiting art pieces for sale, over at the Hold Up Gallery in Little Tokyo in Downtown L.A. I will have about 20 plus pieces up for all to see and check out. I'll have line art to sneakers to sculptures. It should be a fun night there should be some booze, munchies, music and lots of people. Doors open at if you have nothing to do this Friday you should stop by.
Oh well, I'll catch you all later.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm ready to fly out now...

Hey all, here's a piece I did as a demo for my students. As you can see I start pretty rough with my pencils then add more details in my inks. I could still this design further by adding more to it all around....let see maybe I'll do just that. The class project for this term is doing redesign on the movie, "Sky Capt and the World of Tomorrow" The students are doing pretty well so far with this project...I'm hoping they keep it up....or I'll need to crack the whip on them.

This Wednesday I'll be heading down to San Diego to join in the madness which is Comic Con....hope you all can make it?

This Thursday, I will be at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects' booth(5563) to do a a doodle under the camera...for Sketch Theatre around 4pm.

Hope to see some of you there at the floor.


Thursday, July 08, 2010

Custom Kicks 3

Here's my latest kicks.

Creatures sketches from my sketchbook

Here's some doodles from two pages from my sketchbook.

The first two weeks of teaching my character design class has been great. The students that I have for this summer term are talented and seem really into the class project...which is a very good thing. The really cool thing I'm really about to talk to them and answer some of their questions. Looking forward in seeing what designs they come up for the next couple of weeks.

Well, I'll catch you all later.


Tuesday, July 06, 2010

More Custom Kicks

Here's a pair of kicks that I did for a buddy of mine that ordered them from Jersey. Have another pair on the works at this moment. I will be soon taking orders for anyone that wants their very own custom sneakers done by little old me. I also have been putting together a custom package for the sneakers as well.

See you all later,

Monday, July 05, 2010

Custom Kicks

Here's my latest custom kicks...I'm totally over due in posting some of my sneaker art. I've been real busy doing that darn freelance. More to come real soon.

Hope everyone (in the states) had a great 4th of July weekend!

I'll catch you all later!