Thursday, September 21, 2006

here's the latest pair of sneakers that i did up. i really do like drawing on sneakers. i had some kids and other folks asking me if i will be selling anymore one of kind sneakers, over at Comic Con this year. it looks like i will do more of these once i'm done with my Krash Bastard book. these pair will be auctioned off on ebay in the near future. place a bid, maybe you might win these very pair of sneakers. also their size 10's.

Friday, September 15, 2006

here's a sneak peek of the first two pages of the new fairy tale story that will come out next year. i believe it slated to debut out around for the Wizard L.A. show or for Comic Con.
even though the pages that i'm showing are in B/W the book will be in color. Geoff will be handling the coloring. if anyone has any comments feel free to state them.

here are some more layouts for a game pitch.

here are some color comps i did for a game pitch.

some images that were done for my buddies over at Bored @ Work.

these sketches were done for a movie pitch package that was being shop around in Hollywood.............the last i heard the project still is looking for a backer.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

some sketches i did for Spumco's "Ripp'n Friends" show. i was getting ready to jump on this show but............then i was told that i couldn't work on it because i needed to be Canadian..........that totally sucked. i really wanted to get a chance to work with John K.

some illustrations that i did for a gaming company up in Seattle.

"SUPERMARKET" some more drawings for this series.

"SUPERMARKET" these designs were done for this series written by Brian Wood i really wanted to work on this book but i had (and still do) too much on my plate. i'm working on finishing up Krash Bastards. Brian ended up going with another artist to work on the book. "oh well, what can one do?" i still would like to work with him in the future.

these sketches were done fro a small film titled "IF". after reading the script.............i didn't get it. but i do have to say that the director even though he was a bit off, he was a cool dude.

"KARL" some more sketches from this project. let me know what you think?

"KARL" here's some sketches from this project.

"KARL" heres the first two pages of a short story i did of my little character named Karl. page 2 is on top and page 1 is on the bottom.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

this troll piece was done when i was in Puerto Rico. i get inspired to draw when i go visit my grandmother's home there.

this Spider-Man piece was inspired by a guy that I actually saw at the APE con in San Francisco. the coustume was really loose fitting was AWSOME!
the following year I took a picture of him holding this drawing!

the Rancor from the Star Wars series. i used this to get work from the Wizard of the Coast company. it didn't work.

these pieces were used for a movie pitch that went nowhere.