Thursday, September 21, 2006

here's the latest pair of sneakers that i did up. i really do like drawing on sneakers. i had some kids and other folks asking me if i will be selling anymore one of kind sneakers, over at Comic Con this year. it looks like i will do more of these once i'm done with my Krash Bastard book. these pair will be auctioned off on ebay in the near future. place a bid, maybe you might win these very pair of sneakers. also their size 10's.


Nima Sorat said...

those are some hot kicks, blood.

Mike Hernandez said...

Hey Axel, where have you been!!


How did you get lucky enough to get the pair without the clamshell toes? Those were hell for me to try and draw on - you lucky bastard! These look, hot, brutha'! Great job.