Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lightbox Blog is up!!!

Hello all just wanted to let you know that the Lightbox blog is up!
Here's the link,

Lightbox was started this past winter, it's a collective of illustrators, designers and writers dedicated to the art of story creation. We're using may forms of media form comic book to animation to creating special art books. I am really excited in what my studios mate are cooking up for the future. They're a talented group that's for sure! Eric, Jon, Jonard, Geoff and Jojo are awesome guys to be around. It helps me to be creative when I am around them. Well, I'll catch you later. Also I'll see some of you in San Diego as well!



OHOTNIG (a.k.a. OXOTHUK) said...

This link doesnt works-_-

Anonymous said...

Very cool and stuff blog thanks for the posting........ all the best......

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