Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Cartoon Art Museum

Hey all,

I was in San Francisco last week for GDC. It was a very cool event...also my first time there. Walked around the floor and did a few panels.

I also got a chance to walk around the city as well...hit up some shops and museums. One of the museums that I visited was the Cartoon Art Museum It wasn't a big place in terms of square footage...but there was plenty to see. I was totally inspired! God, I totally need to push my skills further. Well, here's a pix I took of Mighty Mouse in front of the museum...when anyone of you happen to be strolling in San should make some time and head over to the Cartoon Art Museum.

Also next week will be the last week of the term, so I'm looking forward in seeing the students' finals. Will be ordering some pizza and drinks for them as well....make a party of it. :P

Hopefully, I'll upload some doodles soon...just have a bit on my plate so I need to knock some stuff out. Catch you all later.


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