Saturday, March 26, 2011

My students' final work...

Hey all, how are you all doing? It's been a week and a half since I did the final class of the term for my Character Design class. Below are samples of few of my students' final images. I'm still waiting for more to send me their work....but I'm not gonna hold my breath. :P
Overall, it was a good class...but I have to be honest in stating that this was a downer seemed that some of these students weren't giving their 100% to this both assignments. I can't force them to do their's really how much work they really want to put into this class. If one wants to be lazy...I have no problem in flunking someone....and I have in the past. I'm really easy going in terms in teaching my class but I can not tolerate's a totally uncool. I don't stand for it. I'm not going to past you just because you're cool with me. No one flunk the class this past term...but their was laziness. I can go on with other things but I should stop it and move on. Let see how far some of these kids will go after they leave school....IF they graduate?

So now below...please enjoy what the kids cooked up for the finals. Not bad I must say.
I'll catch you all later.


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