Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Comikaze 2012

Hey all wanted to share some doodles I did this past weekend at Comikaze. It was held at the LA Convention Center. There were a bunch of folks in Saturday...a long line to get in. With the sun beating down on those folks on that line...it was not fun.
The folks that run Comikaze should have been better prepared for this also other things during the con didn't run as smoothly as well.
Sunday was a disappointment...sakes wise...the crowds were less than Saturday. If I do this convention again I will go and artist alley instead of a 10x10...it's way cheaper. Plus they want to add an extra day...and charge more...I say forget that! Now they're doing Comic con prices...but without the comic con crowds with money to spend. Oh well I can stop venting now. I want to wish you all a great day! Also remember there's 9 more day on the GEEK Kickstarter please help spread the word and support if you can!

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