Thursday, September 20, 2012

GEEK! Event this Saturday!

Hello all! wanted to let you know about a cool event happening this coming weekend in Los Angeles! It's the GEEK! show being held at the Petra Gallerie in Beverly Hills...event starts at 8pm.
There will be a live Bagged & Boarded podcast taping by Matt Cohen! There will be artwork on display for all to see. I'll also will be doing a live drawing demo! doodling away and chatting with folks. Drinks and munchies will be provided...there will be a DJ at hand spinning some nice tunes.
The address and info to Petra can viewed here,
1151 South Robertson SORO Los Angeles, CA 90035

Petra Gallerie Site

Also wanted to let you know we have less than 7 days left for the GEEK! Kickstarter campaign
please help support and spread thew word of GEEK!

GEEK! Kickstarter page

I hope to see some of you on Saturday! Catch you all later!


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