Sunday, September 09, 2012

GEEK! Logo

Wanted to share with you all the GEEK! logo that I worked on not too lone ago. Let me know what you all think of it? To be honest...I'm not that great when it comes to producing logos...I tend to go to Graphic Designers...or artists that are font/lettering masters. But I took it upon myself to take a crack on this...I really felt good once I got to this point with it. I based it from the font that Matt Cohen used for the opening video for the Kickstarter page for GEEK! Also wanted to let you all know there well be upcoming events in promoting GEEK! here in Los Angeles. On Sept 22 there will be one at the Petra Gallerie in Los Angeles/ Beverly Hills area. I'll update it with the exact may start around 7pm. We'll be promoting GEEk! of course with a Bagged and Boarded podcast that will be taped plus etc. :) I hope some of you can make it that day. We still have 18 days left on the Kickstarter for hopefully some of you can help spread the word and support! Here's the link, GEEK! Thanks! I will update with more stuff very soon. :) Have a great day! -Axel

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