Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm hungry...MAN!!!

Hey all! Here's a doodle of Venom I did sitting at the table over at this past WonderCon...I kind of like it...there's some things I would totally change...but it's cool to just get a drawing out and see where it goes and see what need spot be changes once it's done. Let me know what you all think?

The next few weeks is gonna be busy in term of I'll be working almost two full time jobs. That's what I get in wanting to jump onto projects that I really want to do. The crazy thing there's more out gigs out there that I can jump on...but I have to be realistic and stick to the jobs I really can put the time would would be totally uncool in my part to do a job and not be able to deliver the goods in a timely matter. That's something I have expressed in the past to my class...DO NOT over extend yourself. It's ok to say "no" to a's better to be honest upfront before anything gets started than having trouble in the process of that project. I have worked things out in the past that have allowed me to work on multiple projects at the same time. I know some of you including myself think we can be a super duper hero when it comes to producing work...but come on? One has to a reality check here. :P

On a side's already the second week of the Spring term over at feels weird that I'm not teaching my character design class. But I know that Brett is doing a great job with the classes...he's a totally talented artists that can handles his own. Brett took my class some years that time he was so determine to really kick ass with his art...and boy did he delivered! I'm so proud of him and in what he's doing in his career....he's done some work for varies video game companies out there. Here's a link to his blog ,let me know what you all think?

Well, time for me to go now. I'll catch you all later.



paulehr said...

I am totally digging Brett's stuff. Not sure if you can pull this off or not but I would love to compare his art when he was taking to your class to how it is now that he is teaching it.

axel#13 said...

@paulehr Sorry to inform you but I don't have any copies of Brett's stuff done in my class. :P
I could ask him if he does have copies? That's so cool that you dig his work! Great work from a very cool guy.

Anonymous said...

Needs must when the devil drives.