Friday, April 08, 2011

Another the world.

Hey all wanted to share something with all of you. Last weekend while doing WonderCon...there was a certain person looking for me at the booth...but I wasn't there and this person did it twice.
On the second buddy Jason handed me this person's card and I read it.
"No's Axel Alonso"
Jason told me to look for him at the Marvel I did go to look for him...but he wasn't there. So I ended not meeting up with him...oh well.
I've heard of this man for some years now since he worked at DC Comics. A buddy of mine always suggested that I should meet up with this other Axel. But never found the time plus at conventions I just plain forget. It's crazy after all these years we'll get a chance to meet sometime this year.

I did get a chance to email him earlier this week and we have exchanged messages...just to get to know each other. The funny thing about all this is my full name is Axel Alonso Ortiz. Just kick out the Ortiz part and we're twins by name. :P

So I scanned and uploaded Axel's card for all of you to check out. I did cross out some info, though.

I'm wondering have any of you other there met someone with the same exact name or share something that's a bit trippy? Well, I'm done with this post catch you all soon.


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