Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Leroy and the Last Day of Class for the Term.

Hey all it's the last day of the term today. Will be looking forward in seeing what my students of mine will be presenting tonight in class. I'll be ordering pizza and some drinks so we can chow down while we do our presentations. I will be giving them the first hour to finish up on their Child and Dragon project.

I should be good to go for the next if any of you wanna take my class you still have sometime.

Well, I uploaded a doodle of LeRoy a character I developed for a project I'm working on...he looks so adorable, doesn't he? Time for me to go. Please go out and enjoy thios wonderful day...well, it's a nice and sunny day here in L.A. But hopefully it's nice out where you are at. I'll catch you all later.


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Jules said...

Speaking of Gnomon, I'll be at the open house they're having next Saturday. I'm looking into the storyboarding class of theirs. Maybe others in the future. So we'll be seeing you probably a lot sooner than Comic Con! Keep in touch.