Thursday, June 24, 2010

Student Finals from the Spring Term

Hey all wanted to upload here in my blog samples of my students work from my last term. I was proud with what they have done. I only wish the best for all of them in the future. It makes me feel like a proud father to see my past students doing well in the job market and working in cool projects. So let me know what you all thing of these fine designs from my students; Chika, Damon and Pete. I would have uploaded more but the rest of the students fail to email me their final...oh well.
Next Wednesday I start the Summer term for my class...still need to figure which project I will be doing for this up coming class. I want it to be fun and challenging. I will have a full class and even have some on a waiting I'll let them in...because I know that some will drop within the first few weeks.
It's a nice day out here in L.A. need to go out to enjoy it...I can do a lot of my work at night. :P I'll catch you all later.


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