Sunday, May 16, 2010

Please, Wake Me for Duty Free the back cover

Hey all, just wanted to show you the back cover to the Japon Sketchbook. Let me kn ow what you think? I should be getting a quote for the printing of this book...hopefully, it shouldn't be that bad...(fingers cross) Don't get me wrong I totally want to do the best print job possible....I just don;t want to break the bank in the process. I shooting for a $20 price point....I really don't want to go more than that...but let see. I'll check you all later.


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Brian Lue Sang said...

Very cool!

I agree that $20 is a kind of 'sweet spot'. The trick is, like you said, balancing the quality and the price point.

Great character paintings, by the way! That's really wonderful they're being used to help raise school funds as well.