Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm open in doing Commissions

Hey all, the piece that I uploaded above is the inks to my Nueva York sketchbook cover. I would like to have this book printed later this year.

Also I just wanted to let you all that I'm open for doing commissions, since I have a bit of time to do some before going full force with my contract work. I'm getting folks asking me about doing I figure it's about time for me to do some doodles for you out there.
Just email me at with what you like. At the moment I am doing a pair of sneakers for if you want a pair of sneakers done...I start at $350 and higher. A regular funky sketch starts at $50...(8.5x11 size paper) anything bigger like or with more details will be charged more. You will need to make payments through Paypal. I'll get these pieces out to you as quickly as possible. I will also need to charge for shipping as well. If things get a little crazy work wise...I'll let you know. I will be at Comic Con this if you would like a piece then please free free to let me know.


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