Sunday, March 28, 2010

Norman Shureman R.I.P.

Norm was an amazing designer whom I met as my instructor at Art Center College of Design. I took 3 of his classes. Plus on my term off...I even did one of his class assignments and brought the finished pieces in for the class final and presented them to the class. I learned so much from him, he was helpful to all the students that asked. He was very supportive in the ideas that myself and my fellow classmates came up with. I do have to say that he would get stern if anyone starts lagging on their assignments. I do have to say that some of my best memories and moments during Art Center were with him.
I even model the way I teach my class after his approaches...granted I do some thing different. But he's a great base to work from. It have served me well so far for the past 4 years over at Gnomon. I am no Norm Shureman but I would like to at the very least I aim to inspire the students that take my class the way he inspired myself and my fellow classmates.
It's because of him that I carry a sketchbook with me or at least have it in my truck. You just never know when you'll have that itch to draw down those ideas.

I will greatly miss my friend and mentor, Norm.


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