Monday, June 01, 2009

even more Creature Sketches

Another round of sketches I did as a demo for my students last Wednesday night. These sketches were done using a dip pen and Sepia ink on tone paper.
I am really looking forward in what the students will be presenting me for the class final next week! I'm thinking in doing a small or burgers? Or maybe something nice and healthy?
Did the highlights using white Prismacolor pencil with a touch of white gouache for the highlites. If anyone have any questions about the work feel free to ask.



mibsterguy said...

awesome sketches man!!

Tim said...

hey my names phokez- @
i was wondering if id be able to use
one of your half robotic ppl sketches for a album cover art/ u can email me at for more info thanx for reading this and amazing artwork!