Saturday, August 25, 2012

GEEK! Page Uno

Hey all! Wanted to share with you the the pencils to page one of GEEK! It's ready to be inked...but I'm thinking in inking this page separately...instead of placing inks on top of the pencils. To see how it looks...granted this will be more work, but it nice to see the pencils and inks separated.
I'll be uploaded to next three soon. Also wanted to let you know we still need to spread the word on the Kickstarter campaign for GEEK! We need support in reaching our goal...thank you all that want to help! :)
Here's the link,

I'll catch you all later.


1 comment:

Anthony Bachman said...

Love this page. Looks like the exact Matt Cohen Comic-Con checklist come to life!

Can't wait to see more!