Sunday, July 08, 2012

Gonna be at Comic Con San Diego?

Hey All! Wanted to let you all know I'll be heading down to San Diego for the Comic Con this coming Wednesday. I hope many of you can make it? I'll be at booth #5557 under Essential Sequential...I'll be sharing space there with 5 other great artists...please stop by to say, "Hi" I'll also will be at the Artist Alley covering for my bud, Eric at DD-10. I'll be selling copies of my latest sketchbook, prints! I'll also will be taking on commissions as well. It will be great to get a chance to walk around the floor...even though it's going to be packed to the gills with Con goers...stop by other artist booths and hopefully pick up some great sketchbooks and art books from those creative talent. I will be there for the whole thing from Preview night till 5pm on Sunday. I've been taking my vitamins and hitting the gym to prepare. :P Well, I'll catch you all later. Cheers, Axel

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