Thursday, October 01, 2009

Hey, need a Zombie DJ?

Hey all, here's a sketch I did not too long ago of a Zombie DJ, whose looking for a gig. Would you like to hire him for your next party? You only need to pay him in brains...heh. Well, I did this piece using a brush pen to ink the line work...I also used a pigment liner as well for some of the details. I colored this zombie by using blue grey makers and cool grey markers and used a white pencil for the highlights. Let me know what you think of the piece?

Man, it's already no time Halloween will be coming up. So anyone out there got there costume ready?

Long Beach Comic Con in southern part of Los Angeles will be starting tomorrow, so I might go there for the weekend...maybe just Saturday...who knows. My buddy Eric Canete will have a table there to sell some of his wear. So hopefully, some of you can make it out.

Also my latest video of me doing a doodle has been uploaded in Sketch Theatre, Check it out! Let me know what you all think of it? I happen to be filmed at the Gnomon booth during Comic Con this year. It was a cool thing to do. I want to thank Lily in setting all this up.

Well, I'll catch you all later.


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G.Ross said...

Hey Axel, it's Garrett, I was in your character design class this summer, the dude from Oregon. Still check out your blog from time to time. Diggin' this drawing.