Saturday, March 07, 2009

Sketches from my Nueva York Sketchbook

Here's some pages from Nueva York Sketchbook. It's been pretty busy for me these past few weeks. Working on a few fun games that will be used for the iPhone and G1 phones. I'm pretty happy with the way those projects are turning out. I had my friend Mark Rattaport owner of Creature Effects, give me a call and ask me to help him out with a few doodles for a commercial. I really want to make time on doing my own stuff.

I had someone asked me where I get me inspiration, when it comes to drawing and design characters for myself and for my clients. Well, for my work I draw from a lot of sources from other graphic artists past and present to music to movies to books. Heck there's quite a bit of stuff that really get my creative juices flowing. I get inspired from events and things that I experience (hopefully that makes some sort of sense). I take a sketchbook with me pretty much everyday, when I go to a job or when I am out with my family and friends. I just never know when something will strike in my head and I will need to draw that idea down. Even when I an randomly out on my own like getting the truck wash at the carwash, I'll have that sketchbook in my hand and I'll be doodling away because someone dude or women will be there that looks very interesting to draw. I also like to take my camera along and take pictures of buildings, places, people, animals....things. I even get inspired by my students, they help me to push myself to be a better teacher and artist. My friends and business partners in Lightbox, Geoff, Eric, Jojo, Jonard and Jon all have me think about my work and how I can push it to be better so I can be happy with it and in turn they will be happy with it and of course all you folks out there be cool with what I produce.
There are times that I do get a bit dry but I just work through it kick myself to pick up the pencil/pen and make them marks. I'll watch a movie or read a book to ignite an idea. Sorry for rambling on for a bit. Well you all take care and I'll see you guys later.


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jojo said...

push it, axel, so it will be better.