Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Scary Teddy Bag

Here's a custom bag I made for BooBooKitty as a Christmas gift. The bag itself is made out of extra canvas which I haven't used for awhile. I had the sides of the bag ran through my mother's sowing machine. Then I cut out the hole for the handles on top of the bag. I then I ran washes of Brown Umber, browns, black and bits of yellow. Lastly I painted the Scary Teddy from the Nightmare Before Christmas. I placed in the bag a Scary Teddy plush doll sold only in the Disneyland park, which I wrapped in a black cloth. Just to let you know that you can Disney no longer sell the Scary Teddy plush in their parks. You can pick one up from places like ebay. Well, catch you all later!
Merry Christmas everyone.

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