Friday, October 24, 2008

Sarris Head inked

Here's the Sarris head shot, inked using a Winsor Newton series 7 Watercolor brush size 0 and with a Copic pen size .03/.05. I did this as an inking demo for my class last night.
When I get a chance next week, I'll lay in some colors.
I'm really happy with the designs the kids are coming up with for this class project. Some of them are stressing a bit with their other classes but I feel they'll do fine in the end. Looking forward to how the designs will develop further.
I gave them an in-class assignment, based on an old freelance assignment that I did sometime ago for Nick. I gave them the whole class time to design the two main characters and one supporting character. I do have to say that they came up with some interesting characters. They're a great bunch of kids! But I'll crack the whip if I need to.

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