Monday, October 02, 2006

Here's some drawings I did of Ladytron and Voodoo. I did these when I used to visit Wildstrom back in the day when my buddy Eric Canete used to work there. I did like hanging there for awhile. It was a cool place. Let me know what you kids think of these pieces.



Ah, the good ol' days of driving to and from La Jolla. An hour and a half each way, three hours total without traffic? Man, I loooooved wasting gas! Thanks for making those trips with me, dood.


BTW, awesome images - I haven't seen these in a while. they still hold up.

axel#13 said...

Yeah, I remember those they were yesterday. Oh Yeah, before I forget John Nee (remember him?) says "Hi". Well, I'll see you around.